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If after a long weekend you feel that your productivity and energy levels are falling (this usually happens to me after a short break from work), then this article is for you.

At such times, I come to the aid of 10 ways to return to work with new strength:

Set several goals for yourself.

Productivity is the process of consciously allocating time, energy, and attention. Setting goals will help you focus on the most important things. Before you get started, identify a few things you want to accomplish by the end of the day and week. These tasks can be simple or complex, large or small. The point is that this will help you take your mind off work and switch to more important things that will be relevant both today and in the next seven days.

Work slower.

Slow work will calm you down and allow you to work more consciously and purposefully. If you find it difficult to fit in, try working more slowly for a week, focusing on a small number of tasks.

Not to distract.

It is very easy to succumb to distractions when you have little energy and willpower. To counter this, try not to go online while performing the most important and complex tasks.

Use an Internet blocker.

If you can’t stop being distracted by the network, install an Internet blocker on your computers, such as Cold Turkey or Freedom. These programs allow you to decide in advance which sites you want to block access to in order to better focus on your work. (A part of me feels relieved when using one of these programs. I am much more comfortable performing the most important tasks, knowing that I do not have access to some sites).

Caffeine in the aid.

I wrote last week that when you consume caffeine wisely, your physical and mental activity increases in almost every way. If you feel your energy is waning in the office, have an extra Cup of coffee or tea. A little later, you may experience an even greater decline in strength, but at this point, you will feel a significant surge of energy.

Take time to think.

A period of decline is perfect for this. Curiously, the more distracted our attention, the more creative we become because we are able to connect more disparate ideas in our heads. Try to set aside a little more time for daydreaming during the week. For example, go for a walk, leaving your phone at home, or work without listening to anything in the background. As a result, you will learn to think about complex tasks in your mind and come up with new ideas.

Take breaks more often than usual.

They provide an opportunity not only to gain strength but also to plan further tasks for work. During these breaks, if possible, find a place to think about something. Catching a Cup of coffee with colleagues is also a great way to replenish your strength. Creating a closer relationship with other employees will further involve you in the work process.

Shorten your working days.

It is much more difficult to concentrate on work while half of the employees are on vacation. If you have a flexible schedule and less work than usual, try to reduce your working hours a little this week. You probably deserve it. If you are like 55% of Americans, you will probably have a few extra vacation days this year.

Work based on your energy levels.

During a normal day, our energy levels may fluctuate slightly, but after a long weekend, they start to vary even more. Be particularly attentive to the amount of energy you have throughout the day. To become more productive, work on the most difficult tasks at the time when you feel the most energy. And perform simpler tasks, such as maintenance and administrative work, when your energy goes down.

Develop your skills.

In the summer, when there are few people in the office, it is very easy to relax. In addition, such a lull at work can be used for self-development. Develop skills that can be useful to you at work: learn a new programming language, become a better writer, or invest this time in your productivity-read a book or two, contact Coursera, Lynda, or go to YouTube to improve yourself.

If you feel unmotivated at work, use several of the methods listed above. These methods have done wonders for me, and I’m sure they will do the same for you.


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