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Many of us go to the gym for month and years and sweat ourself in the gym every day but without proper knowledge. And we stuck on the same muscle weight you had since a year ago ITs called “muscle plateau” means that your body has grown accustomed to your exercise routine But you need to develop your knowledge in muscle building and know-how to set the right exercises. The Critical Bench Program giving you the right routine and techniques. So I took all thing should we know about this program.

What Is The Critical Bench?

the critical bench is a program written by Mike Westerdal, focusing on the development of upper body muscles and how to avoid injuries from proper warm-up exercises to proper weightlifting.

Who Is Mike Westerdal?

Mike Westerdal is who create the Critical Bench Program sports expert and personal trainer who earned his degree from Central CT State University. AND powerlifter who competes in both APA and APF federations.

What I Will GET From Critical Bench?

Does Critical Bench Work?

The program comes with 3 components and 4 bonuses. It can help you achieve better results.

Critical Component 1: Critical Bench Program

Is the main component includes all the exercises and training parameters, and the motivation to achieve your goal of gaining muscle mass?

Critical Component 2: Customized Training Logs 100-500 lbs

10-week plan for how heavy you need to lift every workout session.

Critical Component 3: Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

This DVD is a video to help you to have a visual idea on the fundamentals of Bench Press

You can also get these 4 bonuses on your purchase:

Bonus 1: The Critical Deload Routine

It is a short routine plan that gives your muscles, nervous system, and joints a break.

Bonus 2: Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors

tips from various famous bodybuilders.

Bonus 3: Critical Exercise Guide*

exercise if ever you get yourself injured during the program.

Bonus 4: In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage in the Sports

the facts about Creatine supplement you must have some information before you start taking it.


  • Great information to strengthen your bench press
  • Easy to follow and understood
  • created bu experienced weightlifter himself
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee


  • The program lacks nutrition information
  • You need to know all thing about the process. Lifting heavy loads without proper weightlifting could lead to fatal accidents.

when I can buy it?


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