sambo combat

Combat Sambo developed as a sports discipline in 2009. The first official Sambo combat tournaments date back to 2009.

The very attempt to make SAMBO a system of self-defence in its own right deserves all respect.

And yet the attempt failed. On the one hand, money is allocated to sports. On the other hand, apart from competitive practice, there is no development? Where is the renewal of methods and traditions?

The combat section of the sports sambo is today a remake. And the Combat sambo suffers from the same diseases as all modern martial arts systems.

It’s good when coaches come there who are competent enough for hitting and throwing techniques. But this combat is mainly taught by 2 or even 3 versatile coaches:

  • Sambo coach-wrestling
  • Boxing trainer-hands
  • Coach Muay Thai or karate-legs

As a result, athletes with insufficient training come to tournaments. And then who has what experience and what skills are best sharpened.

Of course, the fight wins. The competition rules are suitable for sambist athletes. Notes are given for throws. While from the percussion technique, only KO and KO are evaluated. It will be extremely difficult to defeat a Sambo wrestler in sports combat sambo.

Fighting Sambo

As for combat sambo, not sports combat sambo. Things are even worse here.

Even though Sambo was originally created as an applied weapon-free enemy combat system, there is now no training methodology, no competent coach, or technique classification.

I suspect that doing one, doing two, doing three in the army – that’s what’s left of the once really effective Sambo combat training system.

The very process and methodology of training army units is so formalized. What can be called the Sambo Wushu Army for the show?

The technique does not work. It is simply demonstrated on the Playmate. Like Aikido or dancing. All these breaks of boards, bricks, and bottles, clearly from Japan. Shooting with blank cartridges.

Sports Combat Sambo

And is it Sambo? I don’t think so. It is a technique introduced by fighters training in all kinds of martial arts. This is not taught in the army, but rather what the guys brought there from their coaches.

It takes enthusiasts to create a truly functional system. I want to give an example of the development of Bartitsu fight if you have not read it,

In our country, people who reduce the budget are engaged in the revival of the Sambo fight. What is the plan, the result too.

Only where there are really interested people. Only there the rebirth of the Sambo combat is possible. I came from kudo. And the strongest areas for the development of kudo rested precisely on the enthusiasts.

The development of sport comes from people interested in this development. But there are not so many such people.

Something like this, in my opinion, is happening now with the sambo. There are too few people interested in its development. And this despite the active support of the state to the sport. And maybe thanks to this support.


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