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Changing Careers is sometimes necessary for a person to be able to improve his position, while others are forced to change their workplace for other reasons, although this change is to be fruitful, and to benefit the person, it must be done at the appropriate time. To discuss this, “My Lady Net” met Hoda Al-Awlaqi, the human development coach, who talked about the reasons for changing the work, when it should take place, and what a person will acquire if he gets a new job.

Have you ever had a  job you didn’t like? When I was 17, I worked in a cold, dirty, and dangerous manufacturing plant and warehouse. The product was a wood stove made of steel, so for eight hours a day there were torches cutting the metal, welders putting it together, grinders smoothing it down, and painters spraying it black.

I drove a forklift and I moved pallets of steel and finished stoves back and forth in the plant and warehouse. I would spend all day breathing the paint fumes, the smoke from arc welding, and the exhaust from forklifts.

There were no windows or exhaust fans so none of the smoke or paint fumes escaped (and you never saw the sky or the sun).

After working there for a while, one day I blew my nose and saw black paint flecks on the tissue. The black paint had come from inside my nasal passages. It made me wonder what was also getting into my lungs. I started wearing a dust mask and everyone made fun of me except the painter. He had a terrible cough and one day he coughed up some phlegm that had, you guessed it, black paint flecks. Are you “grossed out” yet?

The painter told me to just keep wearing the dust mask and take care of myself no matter who gave me grief about it. I also started wearing earplugs because it was such a loud environment and you couldn’t have any conversations anyway.

As summer time came, and the building became a stifling oven, the company began their seasonal layoffs. Nobody buys wood stoves in the summer, only in the winter. When they laid me off I asked them “Why don’t you manufacture and sell barbecues too? They are made of metal and are painted black, just like stoves. And people buy them in the summer. That way you’d be busy all year.”

Nobody listened to me or to my ideas. I was “just a kid.” Soon after that, the company went out of business.

From the Factory to … Beverly Hills ?

Some years later I had a new and better career, and when I told this story about my previous job to some friends they couldn’t believe it. The contrast between my previous career and the new one was just too different. I still remember how funny it was to see the looks on their faces.

It happened when I was in L.A. and staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton. I was in town to give a speech at a conference at UCLA and also to have lunch with a client at his office in Hollywood.

When someone at the conference asked me about my prior experience I told the story of that awful job. In spite of that humble beginning, I now owned my own company, I was listed in Who’s Who, and I was making good money, etc. It was a long way from that factory. People couldn’t understand how I could changing careers like that.

What changed? I was still the same person with the same background, same education, same history, same experience, and the same brain.

The main thing that changed was my way of thinking.

That’s it. I started thinking differently. If you think the same thoughts you get the same results. So ask yourself if your current thinking is working well for you in life, or if maybe you might want to try a different line of thought.

What can it hurt to try? Thinking differently costs you nothing. It’s free to “change your mind” and you can start right now, today, as you read these words.

Some people change their thinking suddenly and in a big way. They go to the funeral of a friend and it really shakes up their world. Or they live through an attitude-changing event in life.

Constantly making small improvements

But most of us find this change to be less dramatic and more gradual. It is a constant step-by-step improvement. In Japan they call this Kaizen, which means “constantly making small improvements.” That is how you went through school. You improved every day.

Life is like that too. I often say, “Life is a school.” In this school of life we can learn and improve and become more successful every day, or we can do the opposite. It is a choice, an awareness, a purposeful journey… or not.

This is where I lose some people who want a “perfect” magic pill for overnight success and instant fame and fortune. No problem, good luck chasing miracle cures and push-button profits, etc. Waiting and searching for the perfect and instant magic pill actually causes you to lose valuable years of your life that could have been joyful and successful.

The good news is, in the real world, we can still change our mindset fast. In fact, this minute you can make a decision, a choice, to start thinking differently. You can begin to reap some rewards the same day. You can change your thinking right this minute and start having more joy and success in your life. One change in attitude can put you on a new journey.

You can “make up your mind” that you are going to look for and focus on the good things in life. You can start thinking and imagining a new career, for example.

When changing careers, first change your thinking.

Here are some tips for changing your thinking and changing careers.

  •  Seek and you shall find. Are you focused on finding a good career? Or are you focused on how much you don’t like your current job? Your mind is a cybernetic system. It seeks a target destination, like an airplane. What course is your radar focused on? Change your thinking to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
  •  Save time by avoiding the complaining game. How much time do you spend complaining? Do you attend pity parties where everyone moans and groans and criticizes? That is a waste of your time. Time is money. You can’t get that time back.
  • You can always earn more money but you can rarely ever earn one more minute of time. I say rarely because you actually can get more time in life. How? One way is to take good care of your health and fitness, that way you could add years to your life. No kidding.
  • The second way is to “save time” by not wasting it on silly stuff like complaining. Read the book titled  Complaint Free World by Will Bowen for more. Change your thinking. In the future, I hope to interview the author for my blog. He’s a very cool guy.
  • Changing Careers Step by Step
  • I didn’t go from being laid off to owning a successful company in one big step. It was a step by step process. The first thing I did was find another job to replace the one I lost. But this time I knew I did not want to work in a dangerous manufacturing plant or prison-like warehouse. That is an important factor – knowing what you don’t want.
  • At the factory, I had noticed that the only happy people were the delivery drivers and truck drivers who would stop by during the day. Every one of them had a smile on their face and some pep in their step. They didn’t have a boss breathing down their neck. And They could listen to the radio, talk to secretaries, sip a cup of coffee or juice while they traveled, get some sunshine and fresh air… they had some measure of freedom.
  • So I went to some employment agencies and told them I wanted to be a delivery driver. They all tried to put me back into a factory or warehouse, or some other job I didn’t want. But I stuck to my plan and soon I was driving a van around town delivering printing to businesses.
  • After working as a delivery man for a while, the company promoted me into sales. My income went up and up. Soon I had a company car and expense account and insurance, all the benefits.
  • I saved up my money and bought a small business publication. Working in my spare time I grew that small publication into a large publication. That leads to other business plans and soon I was able to quit my job and be the boss of my own business. I even became a customer of my former employer, buying printing from my friends. Everyone who worked there just scratched their head to see the former delivery boy owning his own profitable company at such a young age.
  • You can changing careers too
  • First, make a list of what you know you don’t enjoy and don’t want to have in your new career. That is easy, everyone has gripes about their work.
  • Next make a list of the things you do enjoy, about work or about play or hobbies or anything. How do you like to spend your time? What would be your dream job? Do you want to work with a group, or have some peace and quiet to do creative work alone? Each person is different.
  • Now, look at the marketplace. What are people buying? Who is hiring? What careers are hot? What businesses could you go into if you wanted to be an entrepreneur? And What jobs have high pay, if you want a job?
  • Now try to match what you want in your workday, to what you see that the market needs right now.
  • Here is one example I found. There is a white-collar career that has a growing demand for new employees right now. The schooling does not take as long as other careers do. What is it? Pharmacy Tech.  The assistant to a Pharmacist.
  • This is a respected profession, where you work indoors in a clean quiet environment. You were a white lab coat and you get paid to think. You help people and you make friends. If you know someone who is looking for a new career, tell them to look into this opportunity. It just might be the high paying career they are looking for.

That is only one example I came up with by doing a little research. with changing Careers

What can you find?


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