develop willpower

How to develop willpower: Qualities of willpower and their development

The question of how to develop willpower has been of concern to mankind for several years now. Each of us is faced with the...
fear of losing loved one

Fear of losing a loved one: How to Overcome this Fear

Afraid of losing a loved one you already had a bad dream, after which you woke up in a cold sweat and feverishly began...
self esteem exercises

self esteem exercises: 8 psychological exercises that boost self esteem

Low self-esteem has never been considered the norm and it is very important to change your opinion for the better. A new world filled...
how to control emotions

How to control emotions: 4 strong exercises and 5 mistakes

One of the key features of a free and whole person, master of his life, is a high degree of spontaneity and arbitrariness in...
how to help someone having a panic attack

How to help someone having a panic attack: tips during a panic attack

Panic attack a strong attack of fear, characterized by a variety of symptoms, up to a deterioration in health. It is worth noting that...
how to become more social

How to become more social: 10 tips to become more sociable

How to become a more sociable person? How to improve his social life? In this article, you will find answers to these questions.You don't...
how to not be socially awkward

How to not be socially awkward: tips and signs of social awkwardness

In psychology, characteristics of social awkwardness include shyness, anxiety, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, fear of being judged or rejected by others, and the inability...
self awareness

What is self awareness? concept, structure, functions

Greetings, friends! Not all people correctly understand what self awareness is, despite the fact that this word is familiar to everyone, and many people use...
selfesteem and self awareness

self esteem and self awareness ( Do you have high self-esteem?)

People who lack self-awareness are hard to lead a happy, productive life. However, keep calm and continue reading the topic. And the quality of...
respect yourself

How to respect yourself and know its value: some Basic principles

Self-respect is a very important component of any happy person's life. Nowadays, low self-esteem is a big problem. After all, this is a factor...

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