how to start a speech

How to start a speech: 10 effective ways can help you

How do I make the beginning of any performance in front of a group of people bright, powerful, and memorable? If you are interested...
goal setting for kids

goal setting for kids and How to teach children to achieve them?

As parents, we want our children to get the best out of life and be ready for any challenge that life can throw at...
how to plan your life

How to make a life plan: detailed instructions

Few people have long-term plans. An even rarer phenomenon is the setting of life priorities and ways to implement them, time limits. Making a...
self awareness

What is self awareness? concept, structure, functions

Greetings, friends! Not all people correctly understand what self awareness is, despite the fact that this word is familiar to everyone, and many people use...
selfesteem and self awareness

self esteem and self awareness ( Do you have high self-esteem?)

People who lack self-awareness are hard to lead a happy, productive life. However, keep calm and continue reading the topic. And the quality of...
respect yourself

How to respect yourself and know its value: some Basic principles

Self-respect is a very important component of any happy person's life. Nowadays, low self-esteem is a big problem. After all, this is a factor...

How to use intuition: how to use the “power of intuition

Gut reaction. Many of the books of modern psychology emphasized the "power of intuition". And our ability to "think without thinking" and suggested that...
how to develop a sense of humor

How to develop a sense of humor and become the life of the company

Do you still not know how to join a new company with a couple of good jokes and do not know how to treat...
stress management activities

stress management activities: 12 techniques to reduce stress

Stress management can actually be a matter of life and death. Here is a true story of what stress did to a coworker and...
find job that you like

How to find a job you love: five real steps can help. My story

Today I want to write an article in the same style, based on personal experience and refuting the traditional ways of finding work for...

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