capoeira for kids

capoeira for kids: What children learn in training, advantage and it benefits

In this article, we will consider such a popular martial art as capoeira. Not only adults but also children are engaged in this fascinating...
street fight

Street Fight Tips

A Street fight is something anyone can be involved in without any warning. It is certainly a very life-threatening situation and can be...

WHAT IS JUDO: History, Rules, and Principles of judo

Judo is a Japanese martial art that literally translates as "flexible path" or"soft path". The creation of judo falls in the XIX century. This...
judo for workout

judo training course: workouts for judo course review

Judo is a Japanese name that means ‘gentle way’. It is classified as a combat game. And the Use of hands and feet for...
combat hand to hand

Hand To Hand Combat: Self-defense training Techniques

Self-defense training is essential for survival and can make all the difference in a do or die situation. There are a number of ways...
street fighting

How to fight: The best way to learn to fight and how to protect...

Which one of us is out of danger? We're all subject to pre-assault or surprise attack by anyone and anywhere outside the house, even...
muay thai training

Muay Thai training Guide: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In Thailand, the" science of eight limbs " is taught to children from an early age. In the police of the country, muay Thai...
learn aikido

learn aikido Tips: a guide for beginners to start aikido

Founded by Morihei Ueshiba, aikido is a sport that promotes non-violence and self-defense. Born in the late 1940s, this Japanese martial art (budô) is...
learn krav maga

learn krav maga: possible ways to learn krav maga at home

How to train alone in krav maga? Is it really possible? The current fashion is to try to sell absolutely the whole web. Now,...
krav maga effective

Is krav maga effective in real life? and it can use for self defense?

First of all Krav Maga is not a combat sport, nor a martial art, indeed it is a "system". A system that brings together...

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