Self-defense classes for teens

Self defense classes for teens: the guide before signs up for classes

Does self-defense classes for teens promote violence? Will my teenage son learn self-defense skills? How likely is my teenage son to be injured while...
bullying at school

Bullying at school: 10 facts, how it happens, and tips on what to do

One article drew my attention to bullying in school (or, as it is fashionable now to say, bullying in school , because of bullying...
self defense for children

Self defense for children: simple techniques and rules to teach your child

Sending a child to a martial arts school, parents, of course, want their child to grow up healthy, strong, disciplined, and able to defend...
learn martial arts at home

learn martial arts at home: 9 apps can really help you

The attackers attack anyone and fart everything. They can do it because most people can't fight them because you don't know how to fight...
judo for workout

judo training course: workouts for judo course review

Judo is a Japanese name that means ‘gentle way’. It is classified as a combat game. And the Use of hands and feet for...
combat fighter product

Alphanation combat fighter review: Don’t join until you read this!

The knowledge of fighting skills and Be prepared in any dangerous situation. Prepare for an attack can happen. To protect yourself and your family...
self defense women classes

Self defense classes for beginners (Ultimate Guide)

Self defense is more than the techniques you used its can be your trump again the attackers and can help you avoid dangerous situations....
shockwave torch

Shockwave Torch review (The Amazing self-defense tool)

When people try to protect themselves they began to learn some techniques of self-defense or one of the martial arts and also some people...
learn aikido

learn aikido Tips: a guide for beginners to start aikido

Founded by Morihei Ueshiba, aikido is a sport that promotes non-violence and self-defense. Born in the late 1940s, this Japanese martial art (budô) is...
knife attack

Self defense against knife attack: protection from a knife attack

Unfortunately, such a beautiful human invention as a knife, falling into the wrong hands, often becomes a weapon of attack or murder. In domestic...

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