motivation to read

Motivation to read: how to push yourself to read more?

Almost everyone knows the benefits of reading: it expands horizons, develops imagination, improves memory, and other cognitive abilities. But not everyone understands how to...
words for fitness motivation

words for fitness motivation you need to avoid it

It can be confusing to know what you love and what to leave. When it comes to the world of "fitspo". What looks...
training motivation

12 simple tips to boost your training motivation and workout

It can be easy to get discouraged or lose motivation while training. Here are 12 tips that can help you to stay motivated. 12 simple...

How to motivate yourself to work: 11 ways help you

We all know the state where the head is dizzy from things to do, but there is simply no strength to confront them. Then...

How to motivate your child: increase motivation to learn tips

Children motivated by learning are the dream of every parent. At first, it is difficult to work with Childish motivation: many listen to the...
how to motivate yourself to study

How to motivate yourself to study: increase motivation

The problem of motivation in studies is one of the most common problems for all students. Schoolchildren and students around the world are daily...
workout motivation

How to motivate yourself to workout: Tips and advises

We all know that activity and regular exercise are good for our mind, body, and soul. But sometimes there is an internal dialogue that...
motivate yourself to lose weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight – the best advice of psychologists

How often do plans remain plans? When is Monday when you start running and playing sports? You can postpone classes indefinitely, but not depending...
get motivated to clean

How to get motivated to clean: 12 ways can help you

How to set yourself up so that it is pleasant to restore order. Here are 12 ways on how to get motivated to clean How...
motivate team

How to motivate your team

The Manager of any level knows about the importance of motivating his subordinates. We already had an article on self-motivation on our blog. Now...

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