being happy with yourself

  No one wants to be unhappy but yet most of us still fall into the trap of chasing things to make us happy that actually don’t make us happy at all.  Money is a good example. Everyone wants it but once you have it you are no more happy then you were being broke.  Happy people tend to live longer and much more rich and fulfilling lives than those who aren’t.  In fact, some say happiness is the key to life. So how to being happy with yourself

The Benefits Of being happy with yourself.

As said before, happy people live longer, healthier, and more prosperous lives.  It is almost as if the emotion itself somehow changes the destiny of the individual for the better.  Studies have shown that happy people are more successful in their professional as well as personal lives.  Happiness also boosts the immune system and your mental health.  Let’s not forget the most important reason to be happy: it makes us feel good.

How To Cultivate Happiness.

It seems being happy would be easy to accomplish.  It’s how we want to feel so it should come naturally.  This is true but at some point, modern humans have forgotten their instinct to pursue happiness and become obsessed with other pursuits.  The good news is that being happy is simple, so simple it’s often overlooked or taken for granted.

The following are some tips on how to be happy:

1.  Smile, Laugh, Love.

Indeed the simplest things you can do to be happy are often the best.  The very act of smiling and laughing releases endorphins to the body which triggers a natural feeling of contentment.  Ever heard of “laughter yoga” that is popular in India?  It’s no joke, burn calories and be happy.  Love is a much more complex emotion but if you go through your daily life with love in your heart (not just for those close to you but strangers also) your stress will melt away and happiness will fill the void left behind.

2.  Practice Optimism.

Having a positive outlook on life will cause you to be much happier than those who always maintain a negative disposition.  Just like mind over matter, thinking optimistically lightens your stress when thinking about future events.  Take it one step further and make sure you are always looking forward to something in the future whether it be a vacation or a reunion with an old friend.  Keep thinking ahead and positively and you are sure to cultivate a lot of happiness in your life.

3.  Get Zen.

Forgetting any religious aspects, the art of Zen and centering oneself is a lifelong endeavor but can provide real satisfaction and happiness to a casual practitioner.  A contemplative meditative state works wonders for our stressed-out 24/7 modern life.  Just 5 minutes a day of restful mediation can boost your mood amazingly.  Anyone can spare just 5 minutes a day.  This can be done anywhere you can close your eyes but ideally, you want a quiet, dark room void of distractions.

Keep it simple when trying to be happy because being simple is being happy.  Don’t over complicate things; it only adds stress to bring your mood down.  Happiness is an easily obtainable goal, much more than most people realize.  You don’t have to wait any longer. 


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