aikido self defense

Aikido is a Japanese martial art. Whose principle is based on the use of the force and energy of the opponent against himself? Aikido self-defense is practiced with weapons or bare hands, but in no way aims to defeat an opponent. Its purpose is simply to discourage any attack. In addition to the benefits of physical activity, aikido allows you to learn to keep calm in all circumstances.

Principle of aikido self defense:

Its name is made up of three parts:

  • ai: means “union, unification, harmony”.
  • ki: symbolizes “vital energy”.
  • do: marks the “way, perspective, research”.

Thus, aikido wants to be a physical and mental preparation for the harmonious mobilization of vital energy. In the face of possible aggression. To do this, the practitioner must develop flexibility, speed but also his musculature.

Conditions that must be met in the aikido:

It must have the reaction speed, the ability to focus and harness all the senses during combat to bring about the mental and muscular compatibility of all the senses together to end the fighting quickly.
The aikido player must have both mental and muscular ability. The mind must be clear during combat, and he must also have great self-confidence in order to trust in his ability to beat the opponent.
The player must have the ability to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. And transfer them to his advantage, and wait for appropriate moments such as the time when a strike comes out. Which can be converted from a strike to a surprise attack on the opponent.

Aikido benefits:

Its first benefit is to strengthen the player’s personality and make him able to face difficult situations.
It gives the player a state of mental clarity that enables him to balance and exploit the opponents’ weaknesses.
It is an art of self-development and development.

Player clothes:

Player clothes consist of a white upper and a black lower part with a white belt attached to them, and when the player rises to a higher level the belt color changes to black.

Aikido self defense methods:

This game is suitable for men, women, and children as well, so everyone can learn these games with their different methods, and the most popular method in this game is the method established by the son “Kishomaru”, a method is known as “Aikikai” and a special house was established to teach this method and many Ueshiba students became dependent On this new method.
Despite this the first system that Ueshiba developed and developed during his life is the first and best method for Aikido, due to Ueshiba’s experience in martial arts and martial arts through his knowledge and mastery of all ancient martial arts, he was a military man.
Other methods appeared in different ways of the Ueshiba students, and each method has weaknesses and strengths, and these methods include:

Iki Bodo style:

This was the most widespread method in the 1950s, due to the large number of students who learned this method.

Yusikan style:

this style combines movements specializing in judo and karate, and the style of Ike Budo.

Yoshinkan style:

It is very similar to aikido, but it depends on the strength and hardness to take more strokes, so it is more suitable for men than women.

Aikido for children:

Aikido – a unique sport, martial arts that can solve many problems:

  • Improve physical growth.
  • Cultivated endurance and endurance.
  • It produced discipline and respect for the elderly.
  • Children get used to a specific training system.

Moreover, Aikido for children received good reviews as a sport, gives unique opportunities, and allows us to develop the important qualities of a person. This type of martial arts – is an opportunity for children to work conscious and comprehensive to improve coordination of movements, stability, and focus. These characteristics are achieved through special exercises. The main tests when children can take a different body position while controlling space and weight


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