most dangerous martial arts

Many sports experts advise learning one or more self-defense sports. On the one hand, building muscle is considered these sports are the best of its kind, and on the other hand you can protect yourself from any human danger. And we do not forget, of course, the great benefits of our health. There is a common saying about martial arts experts that these games are “generous” in the sense that if you practice them in your youth then their benefits remain based on your body in the long run until you stop exercising them later. In this article, we show you a collection of the strangest and most dangerous martial arts.

The most dangerous martial arts



Bokator art or sport is one of the martial arts that first appeared in Cambodia. And was practiced for the first time when a veteran in 1700 confronted a lion in a way and was able to eliminate it with a blow from his knee that led to the death of the lion. It contains about Ten thousand brutal and ferocious movements. The grades in them are called “karma”, meaning first white karma, then green, blue, red, brown, and then black, then gold karma.

2. Combato:

combato most dangerous martial arts

This sport may be abandoned now and is not practiced much. But it was one of the deadly martial arts used in World War II by the Canadian Armed Forces. Invented by Bill Underwood in 1910 and was required to teach it . Later to the officers because of its extreme violence in the Nile from enemies.

3.jet Kun Do:

bruce lee

One of the martial sports that was established by the famous athlete Bruce Lee in 1967. This sport is a mixture of techniques combined from other sports. That depend on the speed in their implementation to obtain the victim in an aesthetic style. The principle of this art is “no way is the way. And boundless is the boundaries” and it is a philosophy that does not govern the combatant in a particular style but only guides his ideas. In order to understand this art more. I convey to you the text of what Bruce Lee himself said about the “Jeet Kun Doo” style.

4. Shippalgi  :

most dangerous martial arts

 One of the martial arts practiced by the Korean army for hundreds of years during wars. Which is made up of three consecutive strategies is orientation, hitting and cutting. And it differs greatly from other martial sports because it relies on specific philosophies in the fighting.



 Although it is more like a dance, it is considered one of the martial arts that deludes and deceives the opponent. And it is a Brazilian martial art and practiced by the inhabitants of the African forests and combines camouflage and fighting for camouflage and has its usual and distinctive folk songs, and its name is due to a Brazilian plant that was practiced Between them


One of the martial arts types that consists of a mix of other martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, jujutsu, kung fu, and others. Means the word kajuknbo (a ka: Karte, joe: jujitsu, be: Kinbo, bo: kickboxing and kung fu). It has no Competitions but they are established in order to teach people how to protect themselves from local crimes. The basis for creating this art was to protect people and teach them self-defense from the US Navy who were drinking wine.


A mixture between free wrestling and violent physical engagement was developed by the Red Army in 1920. It was created specifically to improve the capabilities of the Soviet combat forces and in conjunction with the high level of crime. They had to teach and train security guards in this sport, especially bank security


eskrima most dangerous martial arts

Sometimes called Arnis or Cali in western countries. It is a Filipino sport of self-defense and was prohibited to use by Spanish invaders due to its seriousness. And was designed as a dance with a stick but very dangerous and could lead to death.


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