15 Self Defense Tips

A person may be faced with the need to protect himself or his loved ones, especially when he is suddenly attacked by a thief, bully, or rapist. Criminals are often armed. Self-defense techniques help in such a situation. Even with the simplest technique, a person feels more confident and safe. He is able to block attacks, neutralize the enemy, and thus save his life.

How to get rid of plastic handcuffs

The main principle of the release of ties on the hands is in the use of their weaknesses (all according to the treatises of ninja and the principles of navanuke ). What is this weakness? First of all, this is fragility under heavy loads, which means that the main task of the “attached to the hand” is to provide such a load.

So the first way to release is to break the tie. To do this, you need to combine three actions at once into one: First, strain your wrists, stretch the plastic if possible, and secondly, hit something with a swing with a tie – it can be a table, your own knee, or even your stomach. And thirdly, clearly at the time of impact, spread the elbows as widely as possible, eventually overloading the material of the screen.

Despite the apparent complexity of the process, any more or less trained person can master the method of breaking the bond. If your hands are tied behind the back, it will make the process a little more difficult, but with proper stretching and flexibility, you can break the tie from this position.

When attacking in an elevator, stop on all floors

When attacking in an elevator, stop on all floors

In an elevator with a stranger: safety rules

We are often extremely reckless in the most dangerous places. The most common are: entrance and elevator. If there is no concierge or security in the house, then no combination lock or intercom will help; different people with different thoughts and intentions will stagger at the entrance from time to time.

From early childhood, parents every time remind their children that they do not enter the elevator with other people’s uncles and aunts. The elevator is quite small and too limited, so you should not ignore this rule even as an adult. Since thieves and other criminals often commit their criminal acts here. You can order excellent new elevators on our website .

The first and most important rule that everyone should always remember: do not get into the elevator with people who behave suspiciously and do not inspire confidence, or you have the slightest suspicion about possible negative intentions on their part. If a suspicious person has entered with you in the entrance to your house and even causes you a drop of distrust, stay late, pretend not to find the keys to the apartment or you can check the mailbox, thereby refusing to travel together in the elevator. In this case, it is safer and more beneficial for your health to decide to climb the stairs. You can only go with strangers if they are the safest people. For example, a neighbor’s grandmother or a neighbor’s little one.

If it turns out that you have already found yourself in the same elevator with an unknown and dubious person, take a position so that the person traveling with you does not have access to the elevator control buttons. In case of an unforeseen situation, immediately press the button on the nearest floor.

If it happened that a stranger jumped into the elevator at the very last moment and you did not have time to get out of it, and the criminal acted, give all your valuable things. In parallel, try to go unnoticed from him, press the call button, or perform any other action to open the door of the cabin already on the next floor. OR Press all the buttons on the elevator to reduce the risk of attack, because it will be more difficult for a person to do this when the door constantly opens. However, use this method with caution and trust your intuition

If someone tries to rob you and attack you in the house, head to the kitchen

kitchen knife

Naturally, the first step is to call the emergency service. Only you know where the knives, fragile plates, and spices that can become potential weapons are located. If all else fails, start shouting and throwing kitchen utensils to create noise and alert the neighbors.

If someone tries to attack you on the street, do not stay in place

street attack

Even if you’re not an athlete or haven’t any self-defense skills, you’ve got the power to fight back. Inexperienced people tend to be inactive, so do not forget to use all parts of the body, including knees, elbows, and legs.

no one is safe from an attack on the street. It is impossible to predict what is in the head of a thief or thug, often dizzy. Do not forget about these rules to avoid conflicts and maybe even save your life.

  • Avoid conflicts when possible
  • Don’t try to fight
  • Avoid kicking
  • Don’t get caught
  • Protect yourself with a jacket
  • Give everything the attacker asks for
  • Control the situation

Download security apps

security app

Security applications such as bSafe, Shake2Safety, GetHomeSafe, Family Locator can be useful in an emergency. Such applications will help you create your own secure network with friends and family, tell you where you are, information about the movements of loved ones, or send a signal of help to your friends.

Remember the main pain points

Remember the main pain points

Try to stay calm and concentrate on the position of the attacker to work out the simplest places to fight back. You only have a few seconds and a few moves until the attacker takes control.

Do not approach to hit your nose with your hand if you can reach and kick in the knee.

Use your elbows, knees and head to hit.

The level of possible damage is largely determined according to the strike force of the enemy’s pain points. It should be remembered that these areas are not only very sensitive to pain, but are also located in important vital centers, and therefore too strong an effect on them can be fatal. To correctly determine the force of impact on a sore spot, a five-level algorithm should be used: a weak blow that is not intended to hurt the opponent but to distract or intimidate him. The second level is to apply force to the blow to unbalance it and save time. The third is the most common level, capable of stun the enemy, cause severe pain or numbness of the affected area. As a rule, you can permanently neutralize your opponent. The fourth level involves serious consequences in the form of loss of consciousness and trauma. Sometimes such an effect on sore spots provokes the development of paralysis. A hit of the fifth level presents a significant danger to the health of the enemy and can be fatal. It is very important to correctly assess the level of danger and use the above knowledge exclusively in the framework of self-defense. It should be remembered that no combat technique welcomes the intentional killing of the enemy, which is why a moderate impact on sore spots is recommended.

Learn how to use pepper spray correctly

how to use pepper spray

You have pepper spray in your purse, but don’t know how to use it?

· First of all, it is worth keeping the can at hand, for example, in a jacket pocket, so as not to waste time finding it.

  • Shout “Stop” or another phrase to distract the attacker.
  • Bend your knees slightly and keep a distance of a minimum of 15 cm ahead of you, aiming at the face and eyes of the opponent.
  • Focus on the striker at point-blank range and press the box only when you are ready.
  • Spray a can and flee immediately.

How to get out by catching a brush

If someone grabbed you by the hand, turn your hand to the side where your opponent’s thumb and index finger meet – the weakest point of the catch.

Let go of your hair

Let go of your hair

Attackers can easily catch you from behind by the ponytail or pigtail. If possible, it is best to drop your hair until you reach your destination.

Keep valuables in the package away from the electrodes

Keep valuables in the package away from the electrodes

It is unlikely that a criminal will want to check there.

Shout it out loud

Shout it out loud

The last thing a striker wants to do is attract unnecessary attention. In addition, shouting will give you an explosion of energy for effective self-defense.

A blow to the solar plexus will neutralize the criminal

A blow to the solar plexus will neutralize the criminal

If possible, hit the solar plexus – the most vulnerable place, which will cause pain and inability to breathe for the enemy.

If you hit a person in the solar plexus area, he can be injured and cause severe pain. In case of a blow, it resumes its breath because of a spasm of the diaphragm, it can not contract, and the person is unable to inhale or exhale. If the blow is not strong, breathing will be restored in a few seconds. If the injury is severe, the consequences can be very serious:

  • short-and long-term respiratory arrest;
  • a person may lose consciousness;
  • the diaphragm may rupture, which can lead to death;
  • intestinal loops can move to the chest and create a knot, hernia;
  • cardiac arrest and death are possible.
  • The area of the solar plexus is very vulnerable, it is not hidden by bones and is in no way protected. A blow to the solar plexus is the most dangerous injury. Most often, athletes who engage in power sports face it: boxers, karate, kickboxers.

Use self-defense weapon: A stylish ring

A stylish ring can become a weapon of self-defense

Sharp rings and other jewelry can be useful in case of an attack.

The ring “Protector” was originally created for protection and self-defense. The jewelry presented, the ring has the status of a psychological weapon, and please do not consider the jewelry as a combat weapon or an active defense system.
Male and female, exclusively to order, because it is difficult to manufacture and at the same time very simple weapon decoration. Not a weapon in the usual sense, it is a more psychological aspect.
The ring is created to create inner peace and self-confidence for any person, be it a woman, a girl or a man.

The presence on the fingers of the usual massive rings and fingers increases the effectiveness of hand strikes. In addition to the usual rings, there are also rings specially designed for typing. They have a pronounced shock (or cutting) part in the form of pyramids, cones, as well as various forms of protrusions. These rings are called “combat rings”. Among the combat rings, the best known are the combat rings of the legendary Japanese ninja saboteurs-kakute (“Horned hand”). Other names are kakushi (“Horned finger”), kakuwa (“Horned ring”) or tzume (“claw”). Kakute was part of the arsenal of ninjas-kunoshi Download Report

The “guillotine” technique

is a basic and easy to learn technique in Jiu-Jitsu and is effective in standing and from behind

The choking technique “guillotine” got its name from the English Guillotine choke. The goal of the guillotine is to decapitate the enemy. Not literally, of course, but simply to hold his head as if it were in the lock of a deadly execution machine.
This technique also has the Japanese name Mae-Hadake-Jime, which means strangling with your bare hands. The guillotine is a chokehold technique during which the opponent’s neck is caught between the forearm and armpit, and pressure on the carotid artery and trachea forces the opponent to surrender. From here, the technique can be divided into blood strangulation and tracheal.

The technique of performing the guillotine technique is quite simple, so this technique is often used in various types of martial arts, such as judo, MMA, Sambo, Jujitsu, and other styles where there is a wrestling technique.


A stylish ring can become a weapon of self-defense

If you’ll run away and avoid the attacker, this is often the simplest tactic.


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